If you’ve ever wondered how to shorten a bed sheet, you’re not alone. YouTube videos have a variety of tutorials ranging from folding the inner sheet underneath the comforter to removing the entire sheet. The best way to avoid making a mess is to document the bed first before you start tampering with it. Besides, having the bed documented before you start can be a visual cue.

Bottom sheet

If you’re looking for an easy way to shorten your bottom sheet, you can watch many YouTube videos on this topic. The first method is to fold the bottom edge of the sheet toward the head of the bed. This way, the folded sheet will sit under your pillows. The next step is to measure the depth of your mattress. The length of the sheet should be about 2 inches shorter than its original length. If this is too short, you can sew the sheet in the center.

Queen sheet

The process to shorten a queen sheet is similar to that used for king size fitted sheets. First, you need to measure the mattress to find out how long your queen sheet is. Measure the mattress length, width, and depth. In some cases, you can shorten the sheet by as much as eight inches. You can easily measure your mattress by laying the fabric on the floor and holding a fabric marker to the edge. After that, trace the circle of the mattress with a fabric marker. Once the circle is traced, cut a single slit in the center and thread the elastic through the mattress edge. If you prefer, you can also use natural pleats to achieve the same effect.